Transformational Journey With a Dolphin Family 2018-04-02T13:01:03+00:00

Transformational Journey with A Dolphin Family

Imagine waking up to the sound, “Dolphins in the Bay!” You leap out of bed, look outside into the clear Hawaiian sunrise and see a pod of 35 dolphin fins circling the house. It’s time to play! You grab a bite to eat, get your snorkel gear ready and join hands with your own seven-pod family. Our magical dolphin guide, Celeste, leads us in a powerful meditation that opens our hearts; preparing us to meet the wild spinner dolphins in a radiant harmonious convergence. This is the moment you’ve been dreaming about and preparing for. Now it is here.

Moving gradually through the crystal clear aqua Bay, the dolphins begin to approach us. Three of them break away from their pod and suddenly you are eye to eye. The connection is intoxicating – stronger than any drug. Feelings of bliss and unconditional love ripple throughout your body. Brand new babies learning how to swim on their own bounce back and forth from one dolphin to another in playful rhythm. Then they leap and flip out of the water like dancing butterflies. You clap and begin to laugh. In fact, you might even laugh out loud for a solid ten minutes in the water. Infecting others with you laughter. That particular serious engineer couldn’t remember laughing so much at one time. You might be moved to tears as pure joy replaces old negative beliefs from the past. In fact, you can’t even remember what you once thought were so important. And that’s just the first day! All of us were bathed in dolphin joy for 7 glorious days, bringing ourselves back to the mainland a little lighter and transformed with a deeper sense of playful remembrance of who we truly are.

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