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We are currently accepting reservations for our next adventure on the big island of Hawaii After “17” years of leading Huna Empowerment Seminars…. Click here for more details to experience this wonderful adventure.

After 17 years of leading Huna Empowerment Seminars to the Big Island of Hawaii, I’ve gathered a wealth of experience about the Island, ancient Hawaiian healing traditions, and swimming withTurtle wild spinner dolphins.

If you are looking for a deeper spiritual experience rather than the regular Tourist attractions, let me be your tour guide/consultant on your next Big Island Hawaiian adventure.

Trained in ancient Hawaiian healing practices (Huna means “secret”) for the Past 20 years, I am able to teach you or your group the powerful relationship Resolutions process called Ho’oponopono (to make right right). You’ll also Experience the vibrational healing of ancient Hawaiian chanting and drumming, Participate in powerful Hawaiian rituals, and swim in the sacred Bays where The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins often invite us to come and play with them. You will also have the opportunity to snorkel with the Giant turtles, and multicolored fish .

We learn how to prepare our hearts in gratitude and thus become attractive to the Dolphins. They are here to teach us about Love and living together as a “pod” Harmoniously. Through their vibrational tones and images, we may experience The deepest Joy.

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BELINDA FARRELL resides in Santa Cruz, Ca. She has been teaching Huna And facilitating her own workshops for the past 15 years on the Mainland and On the Big Island of Hawaii. She received her training in Hawaii where she Started chanting and channeling the Higher Self to open the heart and heal The body (5th Dimension). Together with her training as a Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and Reconnective Healing Practitioner (
Belinda is effectively able to assist clients to move to higher vibrational levels.


1 “This trip was truly magical. Thank you for opening my heart, mind and spirit to the wonders of the dolphins, the enlightenment of the Huna and the love of our pod. With love from a former skeptic.”
Patty Herkins, Santa Cruz, Ca

2 “Ignited by Belinda and blessed by the dolphins, an expansive experience, all guided with heart…allowing playful connection, personal protection, and prayerful invocation…internally and externally opening to more awareness of self and higher realms with loving nurturing kindness…transformative healing information presented in a gentle, clear relaxed teaching style in an environment surrounded by beauty. In this safe home environment daily life interactions with the group “pod” allows both conscious connection and quiet introspection. Belinda creates, opens and holds the space…her generous spirit and beingness holds nothing back—sharing the Huna knowledge, the opportunity for the dolphin experience and with many delightful surprises…she guides and nurtures the group energy yet allows for individual needs, concerns and situations.

Belinda brings in an amazing support team—from Margie, our facilitator, to Celeste and Douglas our ocean dolphin guides, fabulous kitchen crew, and Camilla, our massage and hot stone therapist, all focused and available in their unique talents to nurture, enhance and empower the pod that creates a flow at every level…I whole-heartedly can recommend this program.”
Simant Herkins, Santa Cruz, Ca.

3 “Swimming with wild dolphins has enabled me to release my fears of swimming. I watch the dolphins’ movements, playfulness and how they collectively stayed together as a pod and realized that I had that same protection from the pod I was with. I was able to let go, relax and enjoy. This was my first experience swimming in the ocean and won’t be my last. Belinda’s workshop this week has opened me up and released pain, fear and lack of confidence in myself. I have been able to really look deep into myself and realize now that everything good is open to me. I deserve much more and Belinda has given me the tools to do just that. See you next year, Belinda.”

Gwen Shelton, El Cerrito, Ca.

4 “Thanks for creating a safe and nurturing space where a man can experience being a whole person and more.”
David Gallagher, M.D., Richmond, Ca.

5 “The Huna Dolphin Retreat was an out-of-this-world experience. The beauty of the island, combined with the dolphins, the healing of Huna, and the wonderful spirits of fellow participants made for a magical journey. I knew swimming with the dolphins would be incredible, but nothing really can prepare you for actually being in such close proximity, sharing the same ocean space, with these majestic, playful, powerful beings. When one chooses to look at you in the eye, from a foot away…there are no words to describe the overwhelming feelings of love, peace, and connection…to everything! We felt so safe. Thank you for all of our amazing human helpers and guides. Belinda’s chanting all through the week resonated deeply and helped me connect even more to every aspect of the retreat. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Huna training, but it exceeded anything I could have anticipated. That training tied in very well to the lessons from the dolphins.”
Dria Hooper, Canada

6 “This is my second trip with Belinda. I got hooked on the chants. But it was the dolphins that called me back, and the magic of Hawaii. The added joy this trip was watching the excitement and happiness of that first encounter with a dolphin smile, an experience beyond words and never forgotten. Aloha and Mahalo, Belinda.”
JenniferHall, RN, Carmel Valley, Ca.

7 “I’ve participated in many specialized healing experiences in the past, but this Huna, Dolphin Adventure with Belinda Farrell is the most powerful life-changing experience I’ve ever encountered in my life. This is life at its joyful best! I finally choose something I’ve always dreamt of doing, and did it! Huna and the dolphin adventures have opened my heart and my life to all the beautiful things I’ve dreamed of accomplishing in my lifetime. Belinda is truly a Hawaiian angel honoring her heart’s path in Hawaii.”
Joy Lovern, Denver, CO

8 “I’ve learned FEAR, at no time, never does anybody any good. Live in the present moment, and BREATHE!!! We were 8 pod members, living as one loving family, learning and celebrating together. This was a total energizing dolphin experience I will never forget! Thank you!”
Debbie W., Morgan Hill, Ca.

9 “Best healing adventure I’ve experienced in my life! Belinda’s spirituality and guidance into the Hawaiian water daily is magical. This trip combined with Huna Healing, chanting, love, and cutting cords is so much more. I learned how to receive healing from the dolphins and respect them as true Spiritual guides.”
Molly Ghossein, San Francisco, Ca.

10 “I could have never imagined a greater way to rest, restore and heal oneself. This workshop has even taught me how to live ALOHA, even greater than any other book or vacation could. WOW! I have a deeper understanding of love and sharing with the beings of the world.”
Krista Aron, D.C. Santa Cruz, Ca.

11 “The most special part was swimming with the dolphins. Once I heard them in the water on our first day, I was so excited and eager to see them. When they are all swimming around you in groups of 20-30 dolphins, you feel so happy and light, and you can really feel their love flowing through the water all around you. The dolphin swims were the most affecting part of the trip, I believe. They were truly miraculous. I would consider the entire trip as one of the highlights of my life, and I am so glad that I didn’t let my fear hold me back from this life-changing experience!”
Michelle Hogg, student, 13 yrs. old

12 “I was once conservative, analytical, driven, and narrowly focused. Seeking a transformation, I had the opportunity to join this group as the only male amongst nine women. And I’ll never be the same again. When I phoned contacts on the mainland mid-week, they said I sounded different, slower, and more soothed. The love flows here, and the dolphins are like old friends. In one week, I’m more spiritual and aware of energies, feelings, and nature. And I can’t wait to go back and finish cutting old cords, while extending out my new emotions of joy and peaceful connections. This adventure moves me in favorable new directions. The real me is finally surfacing. Thank you, Belinda…and you too, Molly, for suggesting this incredible journey.”
Steve McClellan, Wall Street Securities Analyst

13 “This Huna workshop was a magical life-changing experience for me! I will use Huna in my everyday life and I look forward to training at the higher levels. Our dolphin swims were amazing.”
Margie Teraoka, Interior Decorator, San Mateo, Ca.

14 “This is my second time here. It was full of laughter, love and joy. I laughed out loud in the ocean with the dolphins for ten minutes straight. They are marvelous beings.
Gregory Mulinare, engineer, San Mateo, Ca.

15 “While learning how to dive for the first time under water in the deep blue Pacific off the Kona Coast, I discovered the flowing, harmonious beauty under the surface of the ocean. While diving I came in touch with the part of me that was under the surface of my life—waiting to be called forth. What joy!!!”
Deedee Jonas, Carmel Valley, Ca.

16 “Belinda offers a holographic experience of dolphins and ancient Hawaiian Huna. The wholeness of the experience cannot be described by explaining the parts of the seminar. It is in the fullness of one week with Belinda that you come to understand why it is one of the most life-changing things you will ever do.”
Scott Burr, engineer, San Jose, Ca.

17 “This week has been a time of learning, laughing, loving and floating! I’ve learned effortlessness from the dolphins. From Aka, our forest guide, I’ve been in touch with the ancient spirits who dwell here. From our “pod” I’ve experienced unconditional love and support. From Barbara, I’ve witnessed organization with ease. From Cindy, our gourmet cook, food from heaven! From Belinda, I’ve felt surrounded with her Huna wisdom and have been shown how to live Huna every day. And above all, from every direction, I have felt JOY.”
Nancy Rushmer, executive secretary, Carmel Valley, Ca.

18 ” My life has been filled with many challenges. But the week that I have spent with Belinda Farrell and my Pod members has been a true blessing. The miracles of Huna, Hawaiian beauty, sunsets and especially our special dolphin friends, was a magical healing transformation for me. My spirit will now be free to grow forever. Thank you.”
Rebecca Dewar, Berkeley, CA

19 “After doing Ho’oponopono (forgiveness process) with the group: “I am still having that feeling of relief of burden or whatever you want to call it. I just feel different. The hurt/anger/loss of love from my parents or whatever is just gone. I just can’t explain it.” Thank you.
GB, Los Angeles, Ca.

20 “I came to you feeling dead inside, paralyzed as to how to move forward with my life, and numb as to how to deal with the demons going on in my head. I was completely disconnected from everyone and everything with no hope in sight as to how to deal with what had happened to me. You gave me the tools I so desperately needed to take back control of my life. The most important thing I learned is how to cut cords and connect to my Higher Self. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us. I truly felt that evening we sat in the City of Refuge at sunset listening to you chant with the waves, the Spirit of the Bay and the turtles in the background was absolutely The most magical moment I have ever had. If I had been a by-stander I would have been jealous I wasn’t part of such a spiritual event Taking place.”
VS, Carmel, Ca.

21 “I just finished doing a Higher Self connection. I’m so glad I have your CD’s…that way I know for sure that the week we spent with you in Hawaii Really happened. Otherwise, I might think it was the most amazingly Beautiful dream I ever had. There were so many amazing things that happened…the dolphins…chanting The turtle to sleep…the island itself. I’m thrilled to think that I’ve progressed To the point where I’m ready for a teacher like you. Thank you for the wonderful Blessing of our week with you.”
RD Fredericksburg, Va.

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