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“The pain in my knees are gone. I can walk up and down the stairs now. I saw amazing colors and I’ve never been visual before now. There is huge release in my heart and chest. My energy is accelerated.”

JB, San Jose, CA

*”The Reconnection process with Belinda Farrell was an amazing awakening. I didn’t expect this type of modality to have the effect that it had on me. In fact, I had no expectation whatsoever. As I closed my eyes and Belinda began, I started hearing lovely musical tones that had a very unusual syncopation. They continued throughout the process. Beautifully vivid indigo and gold lights appeared and I had a sense of tiny vortex type energies moving over my body. I had distinct involuntary body movements as she was working and felt as though I were being touched at times. Yet Belinda revealed that the only time she touched me was at the very end of the process. The clear communication of the number sequence 6231 came through to my mind which when researched after our session indicated a young star system that is moving towards Earth at 22 km per second (NGC6231). 6231 is also a human gene/ribosomal protein. I am not a scientist, chemist, nor astrophysicist, so I have never heard or read about any of this information. One day, shortly after I completed The Reconnection, I was in my car and experienced an overwhelming sense of compassion flowing through my body. It brought tears to my eyes. It lasted for a few minutes and felt like a download of some sort, but it was incredible. I am convinced that the changes and adjustments will continue.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in an unbelievable process that will expand their sense of awareness and being, facilitated by a most gifted and loving healer, to consider The Reconnection. Belinda Farrell will gently guide you as your soul begins to outgrow the boundaries of your skin.”

R.Justo, Los Gatos, Ca.

*”Felt intense colors of purple and yellow ebbing and flowing in and out of the center. I had a sense of wanting to breathe in the colors—an increased sensitivity, almost overpowering. Now I have a deep feeling of peace and awareness of my body connection and taking better care of it.”

Dr. Shirley Fuller, England

*”I am feeling like a different person. My personality is shining and I seem to have a quiet spirit within me. I guess we can say, I am in tune with Mother Nature’s frequencies. Amazing how quiet the mind becomes after one of your sessions. The stress seems to be gone entirely so I am more calm and cool with myself.”

SA, San Jose, Ca.

*Felt like I finally came into my power to speak my truth with my family and at work. Felt I would get reprimanded at work. But instead, my boss gave me a bonus and put me in a leadership position. I’m feeling emotions for the first time rather than thinking about them in my head. This was scary at first but now I understand it. Also gave up “calling psychics” every month. I’m letting it go because I trust myself now.”

I.D., Gilroy, Ca.

“I wanted to share a few words of gratitude. I’ve known you for many years and believe in the work that God intrusted onto you. The reconnection healing is amazing and it works. I went to see you a couple of months ago and boy I was not ready for the rapid changes that came my way. I knew that I needed to come back from one more reconnection healing and again the results were quick. I am happier, more conscious and full of clarity. ”

Many thanks, Irene