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Known as “the healer’s healer,” Belinda Farrell has been transforming lives by moving her clients to higher vibrations for over 15 years. “Along with you, I have also experienced huge transitions in my life forcing me out of my comfort zone. Through these changes, the Hawaiian forgiveness process Ho’oponopono has helped me through the rough patches and brought me back to the truth. As our Earth SHIFTS through a course of evolutionary changes, it is NOW necessary to embrace “new information” as mankind advances to a “new biological program of creation.” (Keys of Enoch)

In 2009 I completed training in Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection with Dr. Eric Pearl in Chicago. These new frequencies have not been on this planet until now. The intent of The Reconnection is to bring you into the fullness of your inherent connection with the universe, and to accelerate you on your career path. We are receiving Light and Information that heals us on all levels and brings us into balance and a deep sense of peace. From my personal Reconnective Healing Session, I personally experienced a huge weight being lifted leaving me with a feeling of lightness and joy that continues today.

I am excited and honored to share this information with you and offer you an experience of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.

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BELINDA FARRELL, Hypnotherapist and psychic energy healer, brings you (with permission) ancient Hawaiian chants and drumming combining the ancient process of HUNA (secret) to open your heart and Call your Spirit Back to receive Divine Love.

During the past 15 years as a healing practitioner, I have seen a real need for people to Forgive themselves in order to heal. Unforgiveness is the greatest toxin we have in the body. Intellectually, people realize they have to Let Go of the Past, but they don’t know how. In 2001, I produced Chant and Forgiveness…A Huna Odyssey based on an ancient Hawaiian relationship process (Ho’oponopono/to make right right). Chapter 6 gently guides you to “cut negative cords” or dissolve your attachments with the people and events below you, calling your Spirit Back to be consciously present.

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